Carbon Art SPEED Board


Carbon Art SPEED Board

The Speed range is dedicated to going flat out fast. To push the speed envelope in real world conditions you need maximum control, full concentration, and a board that doesn't distract you from finding your line. To achieve this, the boards are designed to trim like a plane on autopilot. Leaving the rider to focus on the wind and chop ahead- perfectly suited for both real-world GPS speed sailing and video timed record attempts.

The Carbon Art SPEED range was designed and tested by Chris Lockwood in windy Western Australia, and proven at the world-class speed venues of Sandy Pt and Walvis Bay. With unrivalled versatility, the designs excel in the small rolling chop found in real-world speed conditions where other designs are struggling for control, and maintain uncompromised performance in record-breaking conditions.

Pro Model
The Pro Model Speed board is constructed with a higher carbon content and a special Teflon™-like polished bottom - this creates a stiffer board and a super fast base surface, together these construction and finishing details have the boards weighing the same as the the standard board models, yet out performing them in the side-by-side speed tests.