Carbon Art Wave Thruster


Carbon Art Wave Thruster

We know that not everyone has access to perfect sideshore wave riding, but everyone wants to get the absolute most out of the waves and wind they have available. Carbon Art has been busy developing and testing the Wave Thruster extensively. Taking our well proven waveboard knowledge and borrowing elements from our surf design programme, for an amazing ride that pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Our thruster fin system provides you with unlimited tuning to suit and develop your sailing style, from 'set & forget', to quickly switching over to get the best out of your local wave spot. The standard setup is the three finned thruster which allows super tight modern surfing style turns. Discover real excitement in your riding. Setting up as a single fin gives you a more directional feel and slightly higher top end speed for jumping, but still allows you to benefit from the unique features of the shape. The Wave Thruster board has been designed with maximum riding enjoyment and performance in mind. A single concave bottom shape, flowing into an outline that fits to the shape of the wave. The tail shape has plenty of width for instant acceleration out of bottom turns and tight snappy top turns in any conditions.

Pro Model The Pro Model Wave Thruster board is lighter and stronger constructed with some of the glass replaced with Innegra fibre and like all our Pro Models a special Teflon™-like polished bottom - this build technique offers better dampening properties and ding/snap resistance.